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Orders, Decorations, Award Documents, Miniatures and Cases of Issue

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A brief review of the online edition of the Price Guide:
  • data updated
  • up to date prices
  • over 4,000 color illustrations
  • an image magnification function allows examination of fine detail
  • a table of contents which, by clicking/touching directly displays the selected object
  • a keyword help function which by clicking/touching the word takes you directly to the selected object
  • a text search function by which for example a manufacturer can be searched
  • works on smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers alike
  • requires an Internet connection and a current browser
  • is not dependant on any particular equipment
  • access is by visiting a website (URL) and a simple login
  • no special add-ons or plugins are needed
  • a switch can be made between German, English and Russian language at any time
  • prices are updated monthly and supplement text and pictures added

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95,00 €

Art. 07001

"Aircrew Badges and Honor Prices of the Flying Troops from 1913-1920"

Baldes Verlag 2012. Large Format 215 x 300 mm, 1346 Color Photos over 704 pages, Hardback, Stitched Binding, Weight 3.3 Kilos.
Brief introduction to the Flying Troops and Airship Troops withaward regulations, descriptions and color photos of the Bavarian and Imperial Flying Badges as well as the Naval Fliers and Airships together with awarded Honor Prizes and related Certificates and Award Documents, miniatures and photos of the awards being worn as well as lists of the recipients from the Bavarian pilots and the Imperial naval fliers. The book has its own special packaging.

German and English editions.

German ISBN 978-3-9815016-0-5 95,00 €
English  ISBN 978-3-9815016-1-2 95,00 €

Shipping inside Germany 5 € payment in advance
Shipping in other countries ask for your country

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'Price guide orders and decorations Germany 1871-1945. '


15,00 €

Art. 00351

'Price guide orders and decorations Germany 1871-1945'

2009-2010 Niemann publishing. 500 pages, 610 color photos, 3600 prices. Pocket edition, A6 size, 10x15 cm. ENGLISH/Russian version.

Shipping inside Germany free of charge. Shipping worldwide please ask for your country.



Priceguide 'German sidearms and bajonets 1740-1945' (Detlev Niemann publishing)


30,00 €

Art. 00352

Priceguide 'German sidearms and bayonets 1740-1945' (Detlev Niemann publishing)              

2000.Niemann publishing. Fully bilingual Englisch/German priceguide for German bayonets. 364 pages with numerous illustrations and details, maker marks, etc.


Shipping inside Germany FREE OF CHARGE 
Shipping in other countries - 10 €  


      Priceguide 'German sidearms and bayonets 1740-1945' (Detlev Niemann publishing)


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