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We are always interested in buying or exchanging. Our focus is on German badges and orders as well as their certificates, sabers and daggers, helmets, caps and uniforms.

We also purchase your individual pieces, estates and also whole collections and are looking forward to your contact, gladly in writing, by telephone or also via email.

Alternatively, we also offer commission sales.

We are looking specifically for customer orders:
- Badge for observers on naval aircraft
- Bavaria, badge for aviators
- Commemorative badge for army airships
- Commemorative badge for naval airships
- Honor cup for successful attacks from the air, also called "Thor Goblet"
- Honor price for air victories for naval aviators
- Case of issue for the honor goblet for air victories

As well as all awards, ID cards, documents, effects, individual certificates or photos of the following people:
- Airplane mates Walter Borchert, Flanders Land Aviation Department
- Colonel Josef Brandl, bearer of the German cross in gold and the honorary clasp in the Gebirgsjäger Regiment No. 138
- Lieutenant Adolf Glunz, bearer of the Knight's Cross with the oak leaves in the fighter squadron 26 "Schlageter"
- Vice sergeant Albert Haussmann, Jagdstaffel 13
- Lieutenant Hans Hahn, bearer of the Knight's Cross with the oak leaves in Jagdgeschwader 2 "Richthofen"
- Imperial Navy, Corvette captain Peter Strasser, leader of the naval airships,

We look forward to hearing from you about every piece offered.
18. May 2024

Dear customer,

We hope you enjoy choosing our new items.

best regards

Carsten Baldes
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